The beginning..

Hey friends, since Im starting my own blog about my journey in krump, I will set myself a goal to accomplish right away –”Win an official krump battle”
After the intensive class witch we held in Riga with Grime a.k.a. Jr. Ugly Fate, I felt so inspired that it tottaly changed my mindset on dancing. There are only few dancers who are interested in krump and would like to practise this dance style here in Riga.. Because of the lack of interest this krump thing should not work out here in Latvia. But you know what? This dancer Grime with hes support and guidance makes me believe that everything is possible.
Only deal is to start now, to put a group together now, to start practising now, to talk about krump now.
Of course my mom or my friends can tell me the same thing, but I guess every dancer needs that Idol hes looking up to, because it motivates you differently. And if hes making me believe that I can win a battle then lets start labbin and lets start battlin.
So in my first post, let my first wish to every dancer be – Find your one Idol that inspires you the most and try to make some contact with him or her. You can contact anyone these days 😀

Stay buck and dance krump! Peace!


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